“Through vivid personal stories intertwined with beautifully written poems, Butterscotch Blossom is eye-opening to those clueless around someone suffering from anxiety and/or depression, yet encouraging to someone who can relate to every word written…” – Amazon Reader’s Review

“Butterscotch Blossum is so timely in this age we’re in. This book will touch many who are going through, have gone through, or even just curious about anxiety and mental illnesses. You’ve used your gift to give this community the voice that it so deserves. This work of written artwork gives all of us an insight into the minds of those struggling with this and it is humbling…”
-Amazon Reader’s Review

“This book was so touching and so eloquently written. I got the book on Monday and I have already passed it along to 2 people and planning to pass along to a 3rd since it’s a quick read. I am also buying a 2nd copy to pass along to my district managers granddaughter who loves poetry. The poetry reminds me of the Song of Solomon in the Bible. It was so beautiful and I could picture and feel every word so much that it moved me to tears. I can truly relate to a lot of the things you went through. My situation wasn’t as extreme, but the muddy occasions, panic attacks, and social awkwardness are something I struggled with for years…” -Amazon Reader’s Review