“Passing through, with flowers in my pocket, and pretty words for the world.”

Butterscotch Blossom is a dedication to the mental health community. The content is written precisely to highlight the world-view of someone suffering and thriving with a mental illness. Anxiety and Depression are explored and revealed in this art of words through poetry and narratives from the Author’s own personal experiences.

“My Goal is to create a wave of mental relief through the release of this raw, very personal story. Relief through transparency for my brothers and sisters who are in a constant mental struggle….Understanding and education for the community, family and environments that we frequent.

In Butterscotch Blossom, I explain that the safest place for me and my own conditions are the spaces where I’m around other humans who understand me…spaces where there is no shame, stench of stigma, or unwillingness to understand.

I pray and am believing there will be a powerful wave of mental relief. I Trust that this movement is birthing new eyes for the world to interpret issues regarding the mental health community.

Blossom at your own pace and rhythm,
your wonderful, wonderful, beautiful souls.” -Kayla M. Oye