About: The Blossom Mission

I believe wholeheartedly that my purpose is attached to creating beautiful declarations with words. I also know that my purpose is directly attached to advocating for the mental health community with action through the art of words. I starting writing my first book, Butterscotch Blossom, three years ago to share my testimony about living with a severe anxiety disorder and depression. I released my first book ‘Butterscotch Blossom,‘ in February of 2018, followed by My second book, ‘Self, I love you More’ in October of 2018. I published both these artworks of words so close together, because i had so much to say. I had much to declare to myself and to so many other people who were healing and choosing to live alongside me.

The goal here is to connect with you regularly. The blossom mission is a personal name I gave my own mental health journey, self-love journey, and my movement to overcome really wild anxiety. I want for you to start your own mission within yourself…to live.. and to know that we are not only made up of our hard experiences. We are not only a body of mistakes or cynic ideas. We are immensely more than what our minds suggest, and I know something here will make you believe this sweet truth!

My prayer on this journey is that a world of people will heal, laugh and Blossom in solutions, love and courage with me.

–          Till the Moon Beams