About: The Blossom Mission

I believe wholeheartedly that my purpose is attached to creating beautiful declarations with words. I also know that my purpose is directly attached to advocating for the mental health community with action through the art of words. I wrote my first book, Butterscotch Blossom, three years ago to share my testimony about living with a severe anxiety disorder and depression. I released Butterscotch Blossom in February of 2018, and welcomed a world of like-minded individuals into my mind and experiences. I started to call the revealing of these delicate topics in my life “The Blossom Journey” also known as the mental health journey. I am a warrior for living an amazing life in spite of all mental health occurrences encountered. From this movement; I am sprinkling the knowledge that having a mental health condition is normal, unbelievably under addressed, and severely stigmatized.

My prayer on this journey is that a world of people will heal, laugh and Blossom in solutions, love and courage with me.

–          Till the Moon Beams