Becoming a stranger to Anger

“I thought I was a gazelle.

But the more I leaped and hurdled

Through my life,

The more I realized

How poorly I was doing

At keeping up with the sixty mile per hour

Pack of sprinting antelope all around me.

So, I had to leave the pack.

I had to morph back into myself.”

Affirm: I cannot allow anger to grow roots in my reactions.

At the source of all our self rejecting

behaviors, we are mad about something.

Think about the worst thing you’ve ever done to

yourself, said to yourself, or believed about yourself

while you were angry… What was it?

I’ll answer for myself…

I’ve said too many curse words and phrases

to myself during sessions with

rage…sometimes literal four-letter words that

whipped themselves up from a place that

wasn’t from my heart.

I’ve Acted out in anger things that have

permitted me to be a self-harm and suicide


Take anger and all the friends it shows up with very

seriously. Much is required in the action of this

affirmation, because in the deed of rage and anger,

we hold hostage negative thoughts, emotionally sick

behaviors, and lies we believe about ourselves.

In the action of this affirmation, write down where

anger is leading your life. Read it and process it.

Look at where it is governing so that you no longer

passively allow it to rule its territory with your

thrown off behavior and depression. While you

build on this affirmation, crying is good. It will bring

you into balance

We can’t completely avoid the effects of anger in

our human responses as we know that our lives

aren’t always so simple. What you want to do is

prevent anger from sprinkling itself over already

delicate areas where we are struggling, grieving, or


so where can we start?

1. Allow yourself to touch what your life

experiences make you feel. For example,

if someone hurts you; it’s okay to feel the

hurt, disappointment, and anger. It’s okay

to feel that. It’s not okay to act in the

feeling indefinitely or allow the anger to

cause us to hurt someone else or


2. Talk about your pain to somebody you

trust… A mentor, a therapist. Talk about

your pain until it’s all coughed up from

the pit of your stomach and allowing you

to breathe easier.

3. Live. Plan and perform in lieu of anger’s

forecast. God has allowed you to live up

to this beautiful point in your life with a

sound mind for a reason. If your anger

has held a significant place in your life; it’s time for you to live now.

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