God Moments in us

I’ve imagined the ‘God in us’ poem and short story. It’s inspired by women I’ve met in the mental health community, and persons I’ve met dealing with personal illnesses as well. I pray that anyone who relates to the three women storied, will find silver linings and sweet, God moments in their lives as often as they can. 

God in us

Silver-haired woman you just turned 65. You’ve found something to do every night, To distract you from the ache in your side.

You bought six wigs last week
When you paid off your house.
And you finally stopped crying
At the taste of chemo in your mouth.

Almond skin toned women with the long black hair, You missed taking your 6th pill today…
Afraid that coworkers would stare. 

When you got home, in the shower,
You smiled with quiet ease.
It’s been over nine months now,
Since your doctor couldn’t detect your infectious disease.

40-year-old beauty,
You’ve started staying up late.
You feel a mental trench on its way
From the way you dread working every day.

You dressed beautiful today
In a purple dress, with long sleeves.
And you let your boss know that you needed To take a short leave.

You knew it was only right that you take care of yourself, And you heard God tell you not to be afraid……

The last rays of Friday’s sunshine are setting. The Almond skin- toned woman can feel them warming her hair that touches the top of her waist. She walks in peaceful strides through the farmers market, In a God moment.

Her eyes catch the tan colored man who sells bouquets of flowers in the center of the market. She paces around each table of flowers, her body swaying, before choosing a bundle of sunflowers to buy. In the distance, a beautiful echo of voice can be heard; a laugh. A painful laugh. A laugh of resilience. A laugh of victory.

The almond skin toned woman walks deeper into the market to match the colorful laugh with its face. She stops when she sees a silver haired beauty in a deep laugh with the tall woman who sells peaches in green baskets. She listens for a few moments to the laughing tune of the silver haired beauty. It’s a familiar tune, and she knows it well.

The silver haired beauty sees the almond skin-toned woman watching her from the corner of her vision. She glances over and smiles at the curious woman who begins walking towards her. The almond skin- toned woman smiles with satisfaction, reaching for a sunflower to hand to the silver haired beauty whose hair is thinning.

“Thank you for your magical laugh today.,” the almond skin-toned woman says as she hands a sunflower to the silver haired beauty.

The silver haired beauty giggles revealing a smile full of pink gums. She nods thankfully to the almond skin toned woman with gratitude, for the beautiful sunflower.

The almond skin toned woman saunters away from the elderly woman and continues smiling at the echo of her beautiful laugh.

The almond skin toned woman left the farmers market with a basket full of produce, and noticed a middle-aged woman walking into the market, in a beautiful purple dress.

 As the middle-aged woman walks by her, the almond skin toned woman smells an aroma that she has never inhaled before. She turns around quickly to tap the middle-aged woman on her shoulder. The middle-aged woman turns around, and the almond skin toned woman can see the exhaustion on her face.

“Yes.?” the middle-aged woman says.

Almond skin toned woman takes one of her sunflowers from her produce basket, and hands it to the middle-aged woman.

“Your dress looks lovely, and you smell like heaven today. I hope the moon lets you rest well tonight,” She professed.

The middle-aged woman beams, and her heart smiled too. The middle-aged woman watched as the almond skin toned woman with the long black hair walked to the parking lot. She watches her until she drives away.

The middle-aged woman glides through the farmers market with the thought of the beautiful young woman who shared with her a blooming sunflower. She whispers to herself,

“I feel you today, God. Keep showing up in my life in every way that you can. I will always be looking for you.”


Should you be living with a health condition that contributes to your anxiety and depression, you are thought about. Have a sweet Saturday!

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