Talk about your Feelings !

kayla wicker chair closeup


“Anxiety and depression, to me, are like having elephant ears. The elephant ear is extremely sensitive to sound, and can hear sounds that are miles away with their naked ear. So too are the emotions and mind of myself, and people with anxieties and other disorders…. extremely sensitive to what happens around us, to us, and in the world. “-Butterscotch Blossom, page 40.

So how do we manage our relationships when our sensitivity to our conditions are peaking, and we see our partners or our loved ones as someone who is simply standing by to witness?

As bad as it feels during an anxiety or depression spell; the feeling of wanting to be left alone to weather out the condition is true to these moments.

Visually in words; it’s like anticipating labor pains and wanting everyone in the room to be quiet while you concentrate and push this significant feeling out of you.

Or perhaps you don’t want anyone in the room with you at all. Maybe you want to be alone and cope by yourself, or alone with a distraction of your choice. I understand it. I really do.

When my anxiety is high, sometimes, I just want to fall down and lay with it until it goes away. Especially when physical symptoms start to show up…. my increased heart beat, heart palpitations, tears, tight chest , deep breaths, the cloud of doom. It doesn’t coming knocking. It comes hitting me with blows of fear.

So what next??

As trivial as it sounds;

TALK ABOUT IT. Talk. About. It.

Talk about your feelings. Your partner, spouse, best friend, or family member loves you. They do. Somebody loves you.

Talking about your feelings and your anxieties isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s in fact an action of self awareness.

Talking about your feelings doesn’t mean you’re crying in tears to the hearer, it means you’re actively involved in your own self therapy, staying aware, and keeping the feelings that create muddy behaviors in check.

I think talking about how you feel enables you to speak about your problems more calmly each time you have to voice them out loud. In Anxious episodes this is sometimes an impossible thing to do, but I pray you try it today… Or whenever you’re faced with troubling feelings again.

Should you be reading; and are anxious or depressed; I’m grateful for your life. Keep going, beautiful flower.

-till the moon beams.

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