I’ve started becoming fascinated with the color green. Specifically with the way the color looks on plants. I purchased a painting right after I got married in July, because it was so beautiful to me. Every day I walk in to my home and look at this painting. It gives me a new feeling. It’s almost like a reset button when I look at it, sit up under it and write, or see the sunshine lighting up one of its corners.

Reflecting on the greenery of the brand new spring… I could almost cry. Have you ever really sat and looked at the trees…? Walked your eyes through a single limb…. and all its extremities?

If you’re familiar with plants then you know that they have their own reproductive cycle ….all the way up to the petals…Their own ovary.

they’re all around us. And they are quietly laboring through their own birth pains . It’s just beautiful. But so familiar to the natural eye; that it’s vanity is overlooked.

I couldn’t help but think of all this green while I reflected on life. And especially when I thought about the resilient hearts who are walking through their own mental struggle, or life change.

I asked God for just the right words to say before I respond to readers, or people who are drawn to what I write in a like-minded way.

The answer I heard was “Tell them they’re not alone.”

My book details several testimonials from my life in a beautiful, poetic way. I told my story through poetry because I needed it to read beautifully, no matter how tragic it really was. There are topics related to suicidal thoughts and behavior, life altering anxiety and fear. But there is also A tone of overwhelming victory from the very first page until the very last.

I’ve had life changing conversations with people who don’t know me, people who haven’t read my book; but they know through my own revealing that I am just like them. They’ve admitted that they’re afraid to deal with themselves….. that they didn’t want to be put on medication… That they didn’t want their family to know how they really felt internally.

In Spirit, I translated these things as people ultimately saying they didn’t want to look at who they really are. These thought processes decoded are saying; I don’t want to really know what I look like… I don’t want to see that, because I’m afraid of how bad I am.

Just like the magic in the trees, in every plant… We are laboring together. We may be planted in different mud, but we are pregnant at the same time.

and more than that, we are birthing at the same time; different experiences, but similar frames of mind.

And there is world full of trees like us, like you…..we are not alone.


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