A Love Letter to my Husband ❤️ from Butterscotch Blossom

img_3578A Love Letter to my Husband

Can I love you?
Can I love you the way they loved each other quite a few generations back?
Can I love you for four decades or more?
May I pour my devotion into a warm meal for you, and…
sing you sweet songs while I’m cooking?

Can I blow you kisses while you watch me cook?
May I tend to your hard-working hands with the smooth tone of my skin?

Can I kiss you under your eyes and above your eyebrows to show you how much I missed you? Will you trust me? Because you CAN trust me. Go on…
let me assimilate that bottle full of tears you’ve been holding in.
I can absorb a bit for you, with my love, and with my listening heart.

Not a soul will ever know what I’ve absorbed, but you and me, my love.


Do you mind sharing your wildest dreams with me? I have a feeling that they are grand dreams, my love.

Come. Lay your head in my lap and reveal your ideas to me. I’ll soak up every vibration of your voice,
and listen to you until the moon comes out,
and until the sun comes back up again.

Sweet Gentleman, can I love you with my eyes?
Can I gaze into your deep brown eyes?
I am in love with your eyes.
Did you know that with our eyes, we speak another language in love? Our eyes show us a flesh image of a fragment of what our spirit looks like.

Our love is inevitable.
Me, black woman. And you, black man, have inside of us an ancestral passage.

In my blood, there lived the praying former slave woman who works diligently with her hands.
I work constantly, but I am only thinking of seeing my husband when the sun goes down. In your blood lies a hard-working man; you watch your hands work miles of a plantation, but you are daydreaming of me.
You are daydreaming of holding your small, butterscotch embellished woman, when the sun goes down.


Chestnut colored man,
Did you know that I am every strong woman, in your past lives?
For you, I am the Queen Mother, Yah Asantewaa;
I am battling alongside you to preserve our ancestral golden stool, to preserve our culture, and our family, and our love.

Imagine that you are A pharaoh…Envision yourself as Amenhotep, and I, your beautiful wife, Nefertiti.
I love you intensely, and wholly.
May I be your helpmate and serve with you as you govern in truth and in perfect love?

You have seen the sun go down many times on your ideas and your aspirations, and you turn within and become hardened. I have seen you even give up sometimes.

Sometimes, I see how the stars no longer amaze you, or bring you to awe.

But sweet Cocoa glowing man; from my hands to your heart,
I’m always praying for you and I’m always loving you.
I’m wrapping solemnly, in Africa’s gold, every secret that you’ve ever told me.
I hide the jewels that you share behind the gates of my rose stained
heart, never to be uttered or told.

My sun will never go down on you, my love.
For you are worthy of kingly love.
And, you deserve this kind of love no matter how lofty we are;

No matter how hard life gets, and no matter if your grey-haired aging mind one day forgets my entire face and name.

My soul loves your soul.
Honorable black man, our love has been noble from the beginning of time.


Beloved black man,
Sit with me amongst the cosmos,
and hold me while we dash atop falling stars. Immerse me in your arms, and never let me go…. Dance with me on Saturn’s rings.

Laugh. Laugh resoundingly with me.

With me love, things are exactly as they seem.
Even in death, our flames burn steadily on into the heavens. I love you with a dignified love.
My love for you is unquestionable, and it never ends.

So, sweet man of my life and of my dreams, and of this world and the next…. Will you let me love you?

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