Blossom entry 

Starting this sweet Monday thanking the kindred souls who most recently shared their very personal stories with me after reading my book. I’m overflowing. •

Releasing my blossom journey happened after I healed myself from the stigmas that society attaches to mind trauma. The monumental admission I made to myself happens over and over, as needed. 

As a member of the mental health community, I can relate to having what I thought was a secret ailment, and wanting to keep it hidden. And I believe, for my life, that sharing it serves me more than not. 

I stopped caring about my awkward responses, what people, friends or family, were going to think about me being so vocal about this specific subject. 

I know how intentional my brothers and sisters have to be when weaving the uncanny tapestry that is anxiety, into a basket they can carry by themselves. 

“I know God made me, and if God created my life, then everything about me, even my condition, was made for a purpose.” – Butterscotch Blossom 

(And to the people who continue to tell me they bought my book for somebody else who needed it; you’ve really blessed me 💜!)

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